Rhino 12mm Vinyl Labels

  • Rhino 12 mm White Vinyl Labels - 18444 - 80611455959
  • Rhino 12 mm Black Vinyl Labels - 1805435 - 80611470388

Best for:
Assets & Barcoding
Facilities & MRO
Wires & Cables
Panels & Blocks
Heat/Cold Resistant
UV Resistant
Water Resistant
Cable Flag
Oil Resistant
Chemical Resistant
  • Industrial-strength adhesive resists moisture, extreme temperatures, UV light and more, so labels won’t curl or fall off
  • Available in a range of UL recognized materials for virtually every industrial labeling application; heat-shrink tubes tested to SAE, ASTM and military specifications
  • Thermal transfer printing technology – label text won’t smudge, smear or fade
  • Choose from 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" label widths to fit everything from patch panels and cables to bins, beams and more
  • Easy-to-peel split back design makes applying labels quick and easy